Here's a bit about me;

I grew up in a small town in Texas, I’ve got a pup named Goose, and I live in San Francisco. Currently, I am working as the Visual Content Specialist at Hipcamp

What you really wanna know:

College Major & Minor:  Advertising Major, Multimedia Design Minor

Favorite Sushi Roll: Philly w/ fresh salmon on top OR a good Rainbow Roll

High School Legacy: "Most Likely To Be A Famous Musician" (HAH!)

Dream Travel Destination: Tanzania

Staple Wardrobe Items: Oversized sweater + Red Wing boots

Coffee Order: Half-caff Iced Latté with non-fat milk, please and thank you

Mantra: Work hard & be nice to people

Countries Visited So Far: Mexico, Scotland, The Bahamas, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Greece, Romania, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, Finland, Poland, Italy, England, Morocco, Denmark, Sweden, Uganda, and Iceland! Hopefully more to come soon…crossing fingers!


instagram: @kendallmcleod