Three Ways to Style the Awkward Corner In Your Apartment

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When moving into a new apartment, you start with the basics. A couch. A coffee table. A rug. A lamp. But once you get everything moved in, you look over, and it seems like there’s always a weird corner that looks totally empty. If you’re like me, you try a bunch of different things and ideas, but all your furniture looks too randomly placed or awkward and you end up either leaving it bare or keeping the awkward piece there just so there’s something there.. SO, I decided to try a few different looks to help you transform your own awkward corner into your favorite part of the room.

Music Afficianados:

If you play any musical instruments or just love music in general, this one’s for you. Instruments can look weird in the middle of a room anyway, so the corner is a natural space to put them so that they’re out of the way. Make yours the center of attention by mounting it on the wall, which gives you easy access to it, and turns it into part of the decor.

If you’re more of a music-appreciator than a music-maker, invest in a cool record player and display your collection on a funky storage shelf. Not only does this let you show off your awesome music taste, but it’s a fun conversation starter and always leads to some good vibes for get-togethers.


Cozy Corner:

If your idea of a good time is reading a classic book while smoking a tobacco pipe and sipping cognac OR if you just like to sit down in big regal chairs (who doesn’t??), don’t worry, I thought of you too. Find yourself a chair that is really going to shine. It’s the main attraction, so go bold either with a strong color or a nice deep tan leather like this one. Pairing it with a sheepskin pelt cozies it up a little, and immediately turns your awkward corner into a place where everyone wants to sit.

Adding plants is pretty much a go-to for every weird space. It closes in the strange gaps of blank walls, and somehow makes a room feel more open and clean. I say, “the more the merrier!” Urban sells some really cute brass planters for big house plants that I recommend.

Finally, a lamp is a nice touch so that you can read your heart out morning, day, or night, and this mid-century modern one from Target pairs nicely with almost anything. Finish it off with a to-die-for Santal candle from Riddle Oil. You’ll thank me later.


Storage, Storage, Storage:

If you’re thinking, all this sounds great, but my apartment is the size of a cardboard box and I can’t afford to waste all that space: I know that feel. I too struggle with sacrificing aesthetic for storage space. BUT, I think there’s a way to have your cake and eat it too. I picked up this ottoman from World Market, and it’s so nice because it opens up and you can store seriously tons of stuff in it. When you’re not using it, you can just close the top and use it as extra lounging space. Also, its rectangular shape fits perfectly into a corner making it the perfect little corner spot to drink your morning coffee or meditate before your day gets started.

Add some fun woven baskets around to keep your throw blankets or extra pillows in. It makes the corner look even cozier and doubles up for more storage. You can even add a dresser into the mix and store all the stuff you normally would put in your random drawer (I know you have one!!) like all ten of your remotes and your board games you’ve played once.

Top the dresser off with some tiny cacti or succulents to keep the meditative vibes flowing and add height to that section of your corner. If there are still weird empty spaces, adding some posters or wall art can pull a look together. An artist, Sarah Minks, painted my moon picture, and I absolutely love it. I’m pretty sure she can paint anything, so consider commissioning a piece that means something to you and that adds your unique personality to your apartment or home.


Which corner works best for you?


Kendall Skye