A Day in Point Reyes with Dallin and Cienna

Social Media is a funny thing. I’ve known an influencer or two in my day, and listen: it’s not all fun and games. I’m not an influencer, and probably couldn’t be if I tried, but every once in a while, when you toss photos into space of your puppy dog and your tiny apartment and your morning coffee, little instagram birdies catch wind of it, and send strangers to your doorstep. Which I can only conclude is what happened in order to introduce Michael and me to Dallin and Cienna!

2018-11-14 7.jpg

That is to say, we got the awesome opportunity to have our photos taken for no reason at all, other than to celebrate the fact that we kinda like each other. :) Oh, and we brought Goose along, because out of the three of us, he photographs the best, plus we had no choice because doggy daycare is #expensive.


Things started out in the crowded areas, and we snapped a few pics with others around (my least fav haha), but then we mistakenly read a “NO Tresspassing” sign, as “GO Tresspassing” and found ourselves in a secluded rocky wonderland? Hate when that happens.

2018-11-14 14.jpg
2018-11-14 5.jpg
2018-11-14 9.jpg
I am Sir Goose, King of the Rock. Two turkey legs and a belly pat to cross, otherwise face my wrath.

I am Sir Goose, King of the Rock. Two turkey legs and a belly pat to cross, otherwise face my wrath.

I gotta say, it was so incredible to be up in those rocks alone. The only sounds were the seabirds squawking, waves crashing, goose romping and leaping around like an actual fox, and the three of us laughing. It was the type of moment that makes you feel small in a big world. The sun was brilliant pink, the air was chilly and it was only us. The little things.

2018-11-14 2.jpg
2018-11-14 3.jpg
2018-11-14 19.jpg

After hopping around from one cliff to another, we wandered down to a small beach, and found another “Go Trespassing” sign. How weird! There was this super cool old boat docking station just beyond a little gate so we sneaked around, laughed like fools while we ran down it, snapped a pic, then ran back because someone saw us. What’s an adventure without a little mischief?

2018-11-14 8.jpg
2018-11-14 10.jpg
2018-11-14 11.jpg
2018-11-14 12.jpg

After all the photo goodness, we got the chance to snag dinner with Dallin and Cienna, and hear about all the cool stuff they’re doing and get to know them. They’re the nicest! If you’re looking for a photographer who will capture your for-real personalities, and not make you feel awkward and uncomfortable, they’re your people. Check them out! Thanks again guys. :)

Anddddddd lastly, a few more photos from our day because I can’t help it:

2018-11-14 4.jpg
2018-11-14 17.jpg
2018-11-14 16.jpg
2018-11-14 13.jpg
2018-11-14 18.jpg