How To Make Your Shower as Relaxing as a Bath

This post was originally posted on Advice From a Twenty Something, and the text was provided by contributor Chelsea Becker.

All photos were taken and styled by me.

The thought of a long, luxurious bubble bath in a fancy bathtub is what dreams are made of, especially on a stressful day. But let’s face it, not everyone has a bath, and if you do, it’s likely in a hundred-year-old apartment and isn’t the most inviting thing in the world. Even if you have a nice bath, who has the time for one every day? Not me! If you want to unwind but a bath isn’t in the cards, you can still get that at-home spa feeling during a shower. Here are 5 ways to create a relaxing shower experience:

Dry Brush

Before you step into the shower, give yourself a detoxing massage with a dry brush. Dry brushing is popular in the wellness world right now because it helps with removing dead skin cells, inflammation, and even cellulite (score!), and it’s so easy—and cheap—to do. Move the brush in strong strokes towards your heart. Do your feet and legs first, then follow up with your arms. By the time you step into the shower, you’ll feel exfoliated and super soft!


Basically the equivalent of a bath bomb but for your shower, a shower melt is the quickest way to feel pampered while showering. Just drop it by your drain and let it do its thing. As the water runs, it’ll melt and the relaxing eucalyptus steam will fill your shower. Perfect after a long day or when you’re stuffy, eucalyptus is great for clearing up sinuses. Plus, this melt is non-toxic!


You may not be soaking in bubble bath, but you can use a soap that feels just as luxe. Since your body is already exfoliated, now is the time to give it some moisture. Use a gentle hydrating body wash, like this, and let it soak into your skin. And the best part about being in a shower? You can actually rinse away product and feel squeaky clean when you get out!


We all like the occasional jam sesh in the shower, but when it’s time to chill, soothing music is the way to go. I like to use any type of meditation or spa music, as these instantly wind me down. Spotify and Pandora both have “spa music” channels that are great for zen vibes!


As soon as you get out of the shower, pat yourself dry, then apply a body oil to lock in the moisture. This one smells insane, is non-toxic, and leaves your skin feeling super dewy.(You can even make your own like Kendall did for today’s post — more on that soon!) Lathering up with body oil feels so luxurious and your skin will feel ridiculously soft when you’re done!

Ahhhh! Relaxed yet?

What tricks do you have for creating a relaxing shower?

Written by contributor Chelsea Becker.
Photography & styling by Kendall McLeod.
Location courtesy of Claire Fagin.