Some Things Uganda Taught Me in 27 Days

#1- I am very privileged.

I am 20 years old, and have more material and racial privilege and agency in the world than most Ugandans. I have done nothing to deserve this, but I have it whether I would like to or not.

#2- I am very poor.

There are many areas of my life that are in poverty. These would include social poverty, spiritual poverty, and emotional poverty. Struggling doesn't only include material poverty. Based on the people I met, Africans are much richer than most Americans in many of these areas. 

#3- Beauty can be found in the most unsuspecting things (like a rooster's crow, a cup of tea, or a child saying and remembering your name even though it's in a strange and foreign language).

#4- Love has no language, but learning someone's language is a good way of showing love.

#5- It's not our job to "fix" things we don't understand.

#6- It takes a long time to "understand".

#7- We all have unique gifts- but we shouldn't waste them on ourselves.

#8- You don't have to be a missionary or work at a nonprofit or move to Africa to impact the world and use your gifts for good-- and it's often better if you don't.

#9- Africans are just normal people. 

#10- My way is not the only valid way of thinking about something, even if all of my western logic says so.

#11- A key question to ask a nonprofit is, "What is your exit strategy?"

#12- In Africa, a 2 hour bus ride is really more like a 5 hour bus ride.

#13- I am lucky beyond comprehension, and should seriously consider taking advantage of my opportunities and use my platform of privilege for good. My friend Ida says she would kill for a library of books to read. Makes you think..

#14- I am a slave to time and use it like a commodity, but I now know that sitting around with the ones you love is never a waste of time.

#15- Nature is sacred and should be protected. 

#16- In general, if you think you've answered your questions, start questioning your answers.

#17- Being vulnerable is a great way to make new friends.

#18- "Thank you"s are important and necessary.

#19- No matter how hard you try, someone will misunderstand you. Try not to get your feelings hurt, and do better next time.

#20- The most important thing is to love with all you've got.



let's be happy


Check out this video I made of my time in Uganda! Have mercy, it's my first attempt at video ever, but I hope you can enjoy a little slice of my life lately.