I only got to see Brussels for a few short hours, but I still stopped at some great food places! I highly recommend spending some time in the "Capital of Europe".

1. Bia Mara

We couldn't find a place to eat, and we were in a hurry, so we "settled" on this place. We got SO lucky! Serving different spins on fish and chips, this trendy little restaurant won our hearts. It was also pretty inexpensive, so double win!


2. Waffles

What's Belgium without a good waffle? Lame. Obviously. There are millions of little stands where you can get either a "Brussels" style waffle or a "Liege" waffle. I opted for the Brussels style to get in the spirit, but both types looked delicious! 



3. Puppies. Every Saturday.

This was the scene I walked into when I entered downtown Brussels. Every week, The Golden Retriever club brings their adolescent dogs to the square be socialized. It's truly good for the soul to witness. Don't miss it. I cried happy tears. While you're there you can look at the beautiful square and all the gold leafed statues. That is, if you can take your eyes off the puppies.


4. Peck 47

This café is the perfect coffee spot! There's so many options, and food. Wow. I had been craving a nice grilled cheese, and they had a dish called a "posh toastie" pictured below. Speaking of, my boyfriend and I thought that sounded very British, and in an unfortunate competition of "what are the odds", I was forced to speak my entire order in a British accent to the waiter. Awkward.