1. Cliffs of Moher

This is an obvious stop for anyone visiting Dublin, but I feel like it deserves a place here. If you're anything like me, you are thinking that the Cliffs of Moher are a total tourist trap, and that you want to avoid them at all costs. To you, I would say, surprisingly, it's not the case here! Atleast when I went, (early February), there were only a few people at the cliffs. What I guess I didn't realize, is the cliffs are in the middle of NOWHERE. You have to really want to see them, but you should absolutely make the voyage. There are several "tours" you can take from Dublin City Center, but the one we took was Wild Rover Tours Ireland to Galway and the Cliffs. The tour guide was hilarious, and Galway was incredible. If you take this tour, in Galway, check out the King's Head for lunch! It's a dingy little pub that offers GREAT beer, and even better fish n' chips. There's also a cozy fireplace to warm up from the inevitable rainy weather. 

2. Grab lunch at the Woollen Mills


This cute little spot is located just near Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin's City Center, and is perfect for studying, grabbing a coffee, or having a full meal! It's not a far walk from any of the places you'll be hanging out in the city, and it has incredible food for fairly low prices (especially considering the quality). Not to mention its charming ambiance. The staff was super accommodating as well! Highly recommend. 


3. See a leprechaun rainbow at the Burren

The Burren was like going on a water ride at a theme park! There's absolutely no way to leave this area with dry clothes, but it was an awe inspiring place! The huge Irish waves meet the limestone landscape in a totally unusual way, and if you're lucky, you might even see the fabled rainbow (and hopefully a pot of gold!)


4. Visit an Irish Pub (duh!)

The Temple Bar area of Dublin has AMAZING pubs! This one was called Bad Ass (sorry mom), and there are others that are just as fun! Live music is a must. One tip though, do NOT go to Temple Bar! Every local told us it was the worst tourist trap, and that the beer was "rubbish". Some locals also recommended "Camden Street" for a good place to find a pub!


5. Explore! 

There are so many random hidden places all around Dublin that are worth your while. Take a few hours to walk around and find somewhere perfect for you! Also, it would be a good idea to look up any craft beer festivals, as there was one while we were in town, and it was INCREDIBLE! Don't forget your umbrella!