If you're seeking the perfect winter holiday getaway, you can't get any better than Finland. I chose to use my one-week break traveling all the way to the Lapland of Finland, where the reindeer roam, the northern lights dance, and rosie-cheeked blondies greet you with "Hi-hi!" You can't lose.

Things to do in Finland:

Take a Roadtrip!

Unless you can afford to fly into Rovaniemi, to get into the Lapland will probably require a lot of driving. We flew into Helsinki, rented a car, and drove about eleven hours into Sirkka. The ride was honestly brutal, only one group member could drive a manual transmission car, and five of us were squished into basically a Mini Cooper, but I can't stress how beautiful the roads were. In the photo above, my boyfriend, Michael, is standing directly in the middle of the main highway we drove on. So like, a little painful, yes, but worth the long hours. 

Find yourself a cute little cabin. 

One thing we were worried about when planning our trip was finding a relatively inexpensive cabin that was close to activities yet felt secluded. We also wanted it to be cute and woodsy. Priorities, y'all. If you're like us, then I present the perfect Airbnb. It was so lovely, and had an AMAZING sauna that we all piled in when it got too cold. We also watched the Northern Lights from our backyard. It was awesome. Heres the link: Cabin Airbnb.

Go on a "safari".

When you start researching winter activities in Finland, you'll quickly find a slew of day-trip expeditions. They can be quite expensive, but one company's reasonable prices brought us out of Rovaniemi and higher into the lapland of Finland, and we were really glad we chose them. For about $140, we spent the entire day exploring and having the most incredible adventure. We also froze our faces off. Dress infinitely warmer than you think you need to. There's no words to describe the feeling (or lack, thereof) of your eyelashes freezing. Come prepared with long johns, extra socks, waterproof shoes, a hat, scarf, gloves, and hand and feet warmers. Your limbs will thank you.


Our selected "safari" included two reindeer-pulled sleigh rides that were about 20 minutes each, an hour or so of ice fishing on a beautiful lake (brrrrrr!!), a break in a warm sauna/hut complete with a campfire and hot Finnish salmon soup and tea, then a final snow shoe hike before we headed in for the night. One hundred and forty dollars!! For the price of two pairs of jeans I was riding a sleigh all day AND my lunch was covered. It was so magical. Heres the link to the company we went with: Reindeer Safari

Drink some Froosh.

Ok. So you will find yourself in a tiny grocery store thinking, "I'm so thirsty. I really wish I could find something I recognize." Then you'll think back to this blog post, wipe the sweat from your brow, and grab a Froosh. And thank me. THEY ARE SO GOOD. I can't even explain. They're sorta like a Naked Juice, only 1,000x better. Nobody could get enough. Currently petitioning to bring Froosh to the U.S.. Btw. This photo was taken in the "backyard" of our Airbnb. Go ahead and book that now.


Most of all, RELAX.

I'll be straight up with you guys. Finland is not necessarily the place to go if you're looking for high energy action packed extreme activities for a week. We had our one day of excitement, and then we just relaxed. It's snowy and sleepy and the best part is: IT IS NOT TOURISTY. At all. I was so worried we were getting ourselves into some tourist trap with the reindeer expedition, but these people live like that! It's their thing. We and one other group of three were the only ones there the whole day! It was insane. The whole thing is humane and the reindeer are wild... they let them go every summer and help keep them warm in the winter. As an animal lover, that was so awesome for me to hear. I loved spending time cuddled in the sauna in our cabin and just relaxing watching the snow falling outside. Finland is truly a dream and one of the first places on my list to return!