pepperdine international programs annual calendar

These are a few example pages from a calendar created for Pepperdine International Programs. The entirety of the calendar was created by me, and the photos were selected from submissions from students, but in raw form, and were also edited by me. 

calendar cover page-01.png
happy new year page-01.png

advertising campaign management final book 

This book was created for my university capstone advertising class. I've chosen some select pages to highlight. 

iphone app mockup-01.jpg

flip it project- Stromae Papaoutai

This project was for my university class and required us to complete a "spin-off" design of an existing youtube video. Stromae's Papaoutai is a French song about an absent father and how we become just like our parents, which is why you can see parent/child pairs doing things together flashing on the screen.

papaoutai final gif-iloveimg-compressed.gif


Pepperdine University 2015-2016 Lausanne Program Logo

This design was used as the 2015-2016 Pepperdine Lausanne logo. A unique logo is created each year for a sweatshirt given to and worn by all students in that year's program. The design was later placed on a t-shirt as well.


Pepperdine Lausanne Alpine Outfitters

These designs were used to create patches and stickers to represent Pepperdine Lausanne's new camping rental supply shop, Alpine Outfitters. The first patch was sewn onto all sleeping bags and tents, marking them as belonging to Pepperdine Lausanne. Both the stickers and patches of both designs can be purchased at Pepperdine Lausanne's website. 



Spiritual Retreat Logo and Packet

The top design was used as a cover for a packet used in a Pepperdine University Spiritual Retreat. The order is inverted, because the first panel was used as the back of the cover. The entire cover design was placed on kraft paper. The bottom design was used as the cover for a song booklet used on the retreat. 


Pepperdine University green team patch

This is the a patch design for the newly started Pepperdine Green Team. This patch will be handed out as a thank you for donating to drought efforts in Southern California.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.34.10 PM-2.jpg

angry Feminist Poster Series

this is a series of feminist posters used to protest misogyny and rape culture in the U.S.. The series is featured on


Fagin Partners Logo

This logo was made for Fagin Partners, an ecological mid-century style home building company. It was also incorporated into their business cards, sale signs, letterheads, and email signatures.


album cover re-do

In my design class, we did a "challenge" where we had 30 minutes to create an album cover for our favorite records. This was my 30 minute result. 

bob dylan crystal cd cover.jpg