Ah, Romania. I found myself here by a strange coincidence (see my blog), but it was a beautiful country! There were so many unique cafés and it's a must see if you're traveling Europe.



You HAVE HAVE HAVE to go to this place. Impossible to find, but that makes it all the better in my opinion. We even asked some locals if they had heard of it, and they said, "no"!! Located in the main square of Cluj-Napoca, Yolka Café is on the second floor of a building, and you have to look at the numbers on the buildings to eventually find it. I don't want to tell you exactly where it is, because finding it was half the fun and SO worth it. This place plays soothing 90s R&B, and serves great coffee and different mixed drinks (during the evening). There are even goldfish bowls hidden all over the café and hanging from the ceilings. I've never seen anything like it. You can't go to Romania and miss Yolka.


2. Salina Turda Salt Mine

To be honest, pictures do this place no justice. It's an abandoned salt mine turned...theme park?? It's an alien looking place, lit by modular structures. There's a lake at the bottom, and for about a dollar (ROMANIA IS SO CHEAP), you can rent one of the boats they have, and row for thirty minutes around the lake! Perfect for a romantic date, or for laughing with your girlfriends! The whole ordeal cost me $4 and the memories are priceless.


3. Visit the Transylvanian Forest!

Known for being the most haunted forest in the world, the Transylvanian Forest is avoided by many locals, which I was surprised by. Many strange things are said to have happened here, but we just thought it was beautiful. Highly recommend.