Visit a vineyard & taste the Swiss wine

I never had Swiss wine before I moved to Switzerland, and that's because the Swiss drink up all the Swiss wine ever made, and never export it (greedy greedy!) to the rest of the world. I don't blame 'em. The stuff's top notch. The best way to do it is to check out the beautiful vineyards in Chebrex, Switzerland, then spend the rest of the afternoon sipping its fine wines. 

here's me, throwing away all my troubles

here's me, throwing away all my troubles

Lauterbrunnen and Interlaken are must-sees

These charming mountain villages are some of the best places in Switzerland to see GORGEOUS views of the Alps, and do some awesome hiking. We went during the fall, and the weather was beautiful. There's also a pretty easy hike, where you can see about 20 waterfalls in a 3 mile span. Do that one. It's the greatest!


When you're done hiking in Lauterbrunnen, take the train back to Interlaken, and go to Ladelokal, a trendy little riverside coffeeshop! Best croissants ever, AND they have ICED COFFEE!! which is like absolutely unheard of in Switzerland.

Les Diablerets

In Swiss winter months, sunny riverside cafés become an impossible destination, but the mountains FINALLY have their time to shine. Trees get heavy with snow, the ground is laden with seemingly infinite layers of powder, and if you're me, your dream of a white crisp instagram aesthetic can become a reality.... sorta. ANYWAY! The perfect place to experience this Narnia dreamscape is in Les Diablerets.

Just an hour and a half~ outside of Lausanne (my homebase), Les Diablerets is the cliché Swiss experience everyone expects to find here, only better. Huskies run around pulling sleds, millions of stacks of chopped wood sit just outside perfect mountain chalets, and ski slopes surround frozen forests. It's paradise if you ask me. 

Visit this sled shop to buy or rent a cute little sled, and enjoy the fresh powder!

Visit this sled shop to buy or rent a cute little sled, and enjoy the fresh powder!

When you get to Les Diablerets, there are many activities to do! Mostly you will find people skiing or snowboarding, but you can also sled or snowshoe, which is what I did when I visited. GO SNOWSHOEING. You'll thank me later. It's a super super mild workout (I was worried it might be difficult), and it's a great way to safely explore the surrounding forest and river. Don't forget your mittens!